Thursday, 2 September 2021

5 Quirky Cat Fur Facts That You May Not Know

Here are 5 quirky facts about cat fur that you may not have known!

1. Hair Shedding

Outdoor and indoor cats generally shed hair differently. 

Outdoor cats shed more in the spring and in the fall and indoor cats generally shed all year round. 

This is due to the outdoor cats being exposed to natural sunlight and this affects their shedding pattern.

2. Fur Color Can Affect Cat Adoption

Researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that fur color can influence cat adoption.

Orange colored felines were perceived as friendly and lovable and more likely to be chosen.

It may interest you to know that nearly all orange colored cats are male.

3. Seasonal Fur Growth

A cat's fur grows more in the summer than winter. 

This is due to the 'resting growth cycle' of a cat's primary and secondary coat.

4. Cats Have Muscles Attached To Their Hair Follicles

Ever seen a cat's hair stand on end?

This is due to Arrector Pili muscles attached to their hair follicles.

Stress can activate these muscles in cats and lead to their hair standing on end... well as spontaneous shedding.

5. Long-Haired Cat Fact

A long-haired cat's fur can potentially make up to 24% of it's body weight.



Wednesday, 4 August 2021

5 Myths About Dogs That Just Aren't True

We debunk 5 common myths about our canine friends that just aren't true.

1. Dogs Only Eat Grass When They Are Sick

Not true at all. Dog eat grass for a number of reasons...

..boredom, to improve digestion or simply because they like the taste!

2. Dogs Can Feel Guilty

There is actually no evidence to support this just videos of dogs 'looking guilty'

Guilt and interestingly smiling are believed to be learned human responses in dogs

3. Well Trained Or Socialized Dogs Never Bite

Totally untrue, any dog could bite an owner or stranger for a variety of reasons

It's not just perceived 'mean' or aggressive dogs that can lash out with a bite.

4. Female Dogs Should Have A Litter Before Neutering Or They Get Broody

This well-perpetuated myth is simply not true. Dogs don't get 'broody'

Neutering your female dog before their first season reduces health risks such as breast cancer and womb infections.

5. A Dry Warm Nose Means That Your Dog Is Sick

A dog's nose temperature can change quickly due to it environment.

Although dogs with symptoms of diarroea, lethargy and vomiting commonly present with warm dry noses..

..these symptoms are a more reliable indicator of sickness than simply a dry warm nose.

Monday, 5 July 2021

Can A Cat Catch A Cold?

Can a cat catch a cold? The answer is slightly more complex than the question!  

Cats don't 'catch' the same kind of cold as humans.Cats can however catch a type of cat flu.  

Caused by several viruses, cat flu is most commonly spread 'cat to cat'and can be highly contagious. Kittens and older immune-compromised cats are more commonly affected.  

Although human colds and cat flu can be similar in symptoms, humans very rarely pass on their colds to cats and cats don't pass on their cat flu to humans.

Cat flu is most commonly caused by the feline herpes (FHV-1) and feline calicivirus (FCV) strains of virus.  

Usually lasting around 7-10 days, some cats that contract cat flu during kitten-hood can have lifelong flare ups.  

There are yearly injections available to help prevent cat flu and cats can start these injections as kittens from around 9 weeks old. Sadly, these vaccines will be ineffective if your cat has already contracted cat flu.

There are also medications and treatments available that can help your cat should they contract cat flu.  

If your cat shows 'cold like' symptoms such as lack of energy, fever, congestion, loss of appetite, sneezing, coughing etc then veterinary advice is advised.  

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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Study Reveals The Top 10 Words/Phrases That Dogs Like To Hear


A UK study revealed the top 10 words that dogs love to hear from their owners. 4389 dog owners were first asked which words their dogs reacted to the most.

60 dogs of varying age, breed and size were then monitored on a range of favorite words/phrases from the survey.

The following 10 words/phrases were chosen as the ones that increased a dog's heart rate the most from a resting heart rate of 115 beats per minute (BPM)

10. Find It - This phrased increased the dog's heart rate to an average of 124 BPM

9. Their Name - The sound of their name had the dog's heart rate up to an average 128 BPM

8. What's That?- This boosted the dog's heart rate to an average 135 BPM

7. Good Boy/Girl - This compliment upped the dog's heart rates to an average 139 BPM

6. Toy/Get Your Toy - A playful phrase that increased heart rate in the dogs to an average 144 BPM

5. Fetch - This popular instruction raised the dog's average BPM to 147

4. Get It - Instructional excitement again raising the dogs's average BPM to 150

3. Treat - This popular word raised the pooches average BPM to 151

2. Dinner/Food/Eat - Food proved popular with these words raising the average dog BPM to 152

1. Walkies - No surprise to many owners!

'Walkies' sent the average dog's heart rate to 156 BPM!

Personally, we were surprised to find a phrase missing from the study

The phrase that studies have previously found to have a positive effect on dogs..and owners.

The simple 'I love you"

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

6 Smells That Many Cats Don't Like

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Friday, 2 April 2021

Study Shows Interesting Global Cat And Dog Preferences

 A recent study was carried out to check cat and dog hashtagged posts on Instagram.The study aimed to show cat or dog preference by location worldwide. 

Hashtages such as #Ilovedogs #Ilovecats #doglovers #catlovers were checked by location data to produce some interesting results!

Over ten thousand cities were analysed for cat and dog related hashtags

Findings included quirky stats such as:

1. Australia, The UK and The United States are all dog-people countries.

2. Cats are more popular globally, the study showed that cats were more popular in 91 countries and dogs in 76 countries.

3. 3 countries showed around a 50/50 split of cat and dog owner postings

4. Cats proved more popular in Canada, China and Russia and much of Europe and Asia

5. Dogs proved more popular on the African and American continents.

6. The city with the highest number of both cat and dog tagged posts?

New York City and 59.6%  were tagged by cat lovers

Wondering if you live in a more pro cat or dog city?

We have included a link HERE that contains an interactive checker!

Thursday, 18 March 2021

10 Dog Breeds More Highly Predisposed To Hip Dysplasia

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