Friday, 9 October 2015

Where Is The Best Place To Advertise My Dog Walking Business?

What is the best way to advertise a dog walking business? To answer this question, you only have to think what your potential customer will do to find you.
It is documented that nearly 90% of potential customers will search the internet to locate a local service. A free google places listing, in my experience, is by far the best medium to be found by prospective clients.Be sure to list your search terms wisely when asked to submit them. Terms that my business ranked for were:

*Your Town* Dog Walker
*Your Town* Dog Walking
*Your Town* Pet Sitter
*Your Town* Pet Sitting
*Your Town* Cat Sitter

If you decide to put out leaflets then the best place to place them in my experience is:

All of the local Veterinary clinics

If your budget will run to the cost of a few cheap dispensers to place your leaflet in then that would be best but a well-constructed leaflet in a good position on the notice board should bring in enquiries.

The most popular local pet store you can find

In the UK I found Pets At Home to be a great source of business as they are higher end customers and if you can get a kindly assistant to let you place your leaflets on the counter near the point of sale for perhaps a small donation in the charity box this would be a potentially excellent move.

Surprise Tip! The Local Post Office Parcel Collection Office

My local Post Office Collection centre allowed people to place their leaflets free and as people had time to wait around to be served this proved to be an excellent place to leave leaflets.

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