Saturday, 23 January 2016

5 Litter Tray Tips That May Help Avoid Stressing Your Cat

Does it matter where you put your cat's litter tray? Yes it does. Below I have listed 5 tips that may help overcome elimination problems and reduce stress for your cat when using their litter tray.
  • Try to avoid placing your cat's litter tray near to their food and water bowls. Cats prefer not to eat or drink in the vicinity of where they 'do their business'.
  • Ensure that the litter tray is placed in a lighted area. An area that is dark and full of clutter will trigger a cat's defence mechanism and can lead them to feel vulnerable and afraid of being attacked.Ensure that when positioning the tray that your cat is able to have a clear view of any potential approaches.
  • Cats, not unlike ourselves, prefer a little privacy when using the toilet. Try to place the litter tray somewhere that is quiet and away from the noisier or busier aspects of your household.
  •  In multi-cat households it is important that there is more than one tray. Cats aren't crazy about sharing resources and having a good ratio of trays will enable your cats to have an alternative and avoid any accidents. 
  • If you live in a multi-level property that has more than two floors it is always a good idea to have an available box on each floor so that your cat doesn't have far to travel to use a tray.
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