Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Does The Term "Cat Nap" Have Anything To Do With Cats?

The term "cat nap" relates to the short periods that a cat sleeps in the daytime. When napping, a cat will generally sleep for several minutes before waking up. These naps make up around 70% of a cat's sleep time and their muscles are not fully relaxed during a nap. The remaining 30% of a cat's sleep is made up of the deep sleep that we know as REM sleep (rapid eye movement), during this deeper period of sleep a cat's closed eyes will move in rapid short bursts.

Extra cat sleep facts that may be of interest to you.          
  • Cats will usually sleep more when they are on their own than they will if they have company.
  • The reason cats like to sleep in the sun is because their body temperature drops during this time.
  • Some cats actually snore!
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