Monday, 25 January 2016

How Would Having Artificial Lawn Laid Affect My Dog?

One of the considerations dog owners may  have when contemplating whether to replace their lawn with an artificial one is how the decision may affect their dog. Below are some points that I have gathered together after much research that may be of benefit to owners considering making the switch to artificial grass.
  •  Dogs find artificial grass soft and enjoy running around on it much the same as normal grass.
  • Artificial grass means that owners can be free of the 'wear and tear' of a dog running around that may be experienced on normal grass, especially digging.
  • Artificial grass is permeable so your dog's urine will drain through the artificial fibres of the turf surface and any faeces on top can be picked up and the area can then be easily cleaned.
  • The artificial grass will not suffer staining from your dog's waste elimination and allow you to have a nice looking lawn all year round.
  • Because you don't have to apply fertilisers or weedkiller to the artificial lawn, your dog can enjoy a safer environment.
  • Many boarding kennels have installed artificial lawn now and it is routinely considered a benefit.
  • No muddy paws to deal with!
  • You don't have to cut it!
I got the idea to research artificial lawns after noticing that more and more people were installing artificial lawns and one or two people had asked me my opinion on the suitability regarding their pets.

Recently, on a trip to Spain I noticed that a branch of McDonalds had installed an incredibly realistic looking lawn and it was enough to get me researching the subject so that I could report back to you that not only do I think it's visually pleasing on the eye, research also leads me to give it the 'thumbs up' as a viable alternative to natural grass for dog owners.

If it fits in with your budget and you are seriously considering an artificial lawn then please make sure that you deal with a reputable company, check that they can meet the product criteria mentioned in the bullet points above. maybe ask if they have installed for kennels or dog related establishments and ask to see testimonials from previous customers.

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