Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Pet Business Facebook Page? Great Marketing Tip

Do you run a pet business and have a facebook fan page?

Here is a great system for increasing local or national exposure and collecting relevant page followers.

If you are a local business then find and like as many businesses in the vicinity that you operate that have a facebook page. Make sure not to forget very relevant businesses such as veterinary establishments, local newspapers and any businesses that have either animal lovers using their services or have pages that are of great interest to the local community.

First you should like the above local facebook pages and then, on a regular basis, click home on your facebook fan page and make a daily schedule to like and comment on the comments of the posts on local business page feeds. This action will send a notification to the poster and your business name will appear in their notifications which will both serve as an instant ad (they get to know you exist) and will remain on the local business fan page enabling visitors to see your name on there.

If you are looking for national customers, say for example you run a pet products facebook page, then find pages such as large national rescues, kennel clubs, kennels, catteries etc...anywhere where pet owners congregate and be sure to like their comments.

The above system works best in situations like this....a rescue has successfully rehomed an animal and the rescue supporters are posting congratulatory comments under the rescue post and these posts have none or few likes. By liking the post you are sending a notification of your business name to someone who is generally an owner of a pet (many identify this in their posts) and getting them to like your page will potentially see them as a future customer.

The above system is preferable to asking family and random friends to provide the bulk of your facebook 'fans' as you are building a base of more qualified customers as they have chosen to like' your page without being asked.

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