Saturday, 6 February 2016

5 Dog Superstitions That You May Not Have Heard Of.....

Many of my regular readers will know that I like to dig out little-known and unusual information about our canine friends and recently I have been researching superstitions. Here are 5 superstitions that I have uncovered about dogs...
  • It is considered good luck if 3 white dogs are seen together.
  • If you are on your way to a business meeting or appointment then you may want to bump into a spotted or black and white dog on the way there as this is considered to be lucky.
  • A greyhound that has a white spot on its forehead is considered to be a sign of good fortune.
  • Many fishermen regard dogs as unlucky and will not take one out to sea, this superstition even goes as far as not saying the word 'dog' whilst out on the waves!
  • There is an old superstition that says if a dog eats grass then it is going to rain.
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