Friday, 19 February 2016

Cat Lover? This Cool Interactive Website Allows You To Play With Cats In Rescue Centres Online!

Hey...I stumbled across a really great website for cat lovers today!

It allows you to play online with cats in rescue centres across the U.S. and Canada (from anywhere) on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC

The Lowdown
I'm UK based and the cats at the first rescue centre I tried were unavailable (time difference) but I went to a rescue centre in New York and was soon able to play with the cats there. I really enjoyed it, thought it was a really nice thing to share and am impressed at the ingenuity of the idea to allow cat lovers to interact with the kitties and potentially find new owners for them too!

Don't worry about the cats being overstimulated as the rescue centre can limit access to 'play time'.

I was also really impressed with how interactive the website was, the fact that you can even take a photo of the cats that you play with and I know a few cat lovers of my acquaintance who will find it hard to stay away from the site once they find it and use it.

It's FREE to use, it's HERE and I think you will love it! Please share this post on social media to allow other cat lovers to find this resource.

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