Saturday, 13 February 2016

There Is A Tool That Enables You To Tweet/Email Like A Cat!

Just when you think you have seen it all....

I came across a site today that 'makes your emails, tweets, comments and text into cat puns'

At present, the site has 86 built in words and character changes that allows you to communicate like a feline to your heart's content.

Did I like it?
Strangely it grew on me! My first attempt actually didn't even change into anything but, being both a bit juvenile and a bit geeky, I persevered and found myself able to talk like a tabby in no time.

Who's It For?
I can recommend it for anybody looking for a bit of harmless feline-related fun who isn't going to sweat about getting the time used back and cat lovers/owners who are looking to become fluent in cat-speak that may be looking for a fun little tool.

It's FREE and its HERE and you only live once....enjoy!

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