Thursday, 3 March 2016

5 Weird Dog Websites That You Know You Want To Visit!

Following on from my '5 Weird Cat Websites' post I thought it may be fair to level the score with my dog readership.

If, like me, you love our canine friends and you don't mind spending a little time that 'you'll never get back' and are curious to know how weird us dog people can really get then feel free to visit the sites in my list below.....
  • Dog Screen Cleaner This kind of site has always 'got me', totally pointless, totally addictive and if you're as dog crazy (or plain crazy) as may just like it!
  • Pet The Dog Talking of pointless....this site has to be seen to be believed! Think retro Space Invaders but without the agenda of actually reaching a goal and you'll be about there. I didn't 'get it' at all but have been back to this site a few times...maybe it's not just the site that's crazy!
  • Rainbow Dog The fact that this website has a timer on the bottom right that reads 'You have endured 0:(add time as you endure) of 'utter hell' should be enough to tell you how utterly nuts this site is! One of my favourites when it comes to crazy pet sites....turn the sound up, watch Rainbow Dog and expect to be considered a complete fruitcake if caught on this page....
  • Omfgdogs.Com If you thought Rainbow Dog was pointless and life-stealing....get yourself over to this site. Animated technicolour dogs running across the screen to the sound of a retro 8-bit cheesy tune will send the craziest dog lover straight to procrastinator's heaven.
  • DoesTheDogDie.Com I don't know whether to give this site kudos for checking out the content of nearly three and a half thousand movies to let you know the fate of our four-legged friends...or award it the title of a crazy website. Check it out, it's not something that you may have expected a human to dedicate so much of their time to, but it is a bit different and well worth a visit.
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