Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Don't Overlook THIS With A Cat That Is Pregnant..

We all love kittens and I know that it is tempting to want to be involved with a cat that is pregnant. To be a part of the birth of a cat's cute bundles of fun, it's natural right?

Actually no, it's not and here's why....

Cats have been giving birth to kittens for thousands of years before domestication.

It is tempting and perhaps natural to many, to want to keep an eye on the mother cat but the truth is that the mother feline doesn't want or need us at the birth of her kittens.Too much intrusion into her privacy can disturb her to the point that, post-birth, she moves her kittens to a more private location and in a few sad cases there are reports of mother cats being so disturbed by unwanted attention at this critical bonding time that they have eaten their kittens.

You may have noticed that mother cat has chosen somewhere quiet and out of the way to birth and this is pretty normal.

Kittens are so very cute and it is easy to fall into the trap that you are just 'paying homage' to mother cat by 'keeping an eye on her'. She needs a little less fuss than you think and to know this is to give mum and kittens exactly what they need. Privacy, access to food and water, toilet facilities and an occasional quick overview are sufficient to meet a new mother cat's needs for the first few days. Then you can gently increase interaction whilst checking for signs of the mother cat's acceptance of your increased activity.

Please be aware of your cats need for privacy at this critical time and enjoy your new furry friends!

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