Friday, 4 March 2016

This Could Save Your Pet's Life! Please Read And Share...

Imagine yourself in an emergency situation and your dog is left at home when you nip out. We'e not given to being pessimistic or being morbid but we felt it important to raise this issue to avoid potential drama or heartbreak for our dog or cat owning readers.

Today we want to talk about a simple but effective way to avoid a potentially dangerous situation for a pet that is left at home and relying on your return.


If you are ever involved in an accident or get sick or injured and are unable to return home to care for your pet, carrying one of these cards that fit neatly in your purse or wallet (size of a credit card) and costs less than the cost of a cup of coffee could potentially prove to be the be a lifesaver for any pets that are reliant on you.

The top image shows the front of the card which highlights that you have pets at home and to call the person named on the reverse of the card.

The lower image shows the reverse side with your nominated contact's details.

A good suggestion is for both partners in a couple, or each family member to carry a card and always have it on their person.

If the nominated contact is not an immediate family member with a key or knowledge of your pets, a good suggestion would be to allow this access and information before listing them as a contact.

We are currently offering these excellent cards at a very low price, and the postage of just 0.99 remains the same for quantities of up to 3 cards.

If you are interested in this low-cost way of helping to safeguard your pet should the unexpected occur then please find the Buy Now button below and it would be very much appreciated if you would SHARE this post on your social networks.

Thank you

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