Wednesday, 25 May 2016

How Smart Is Your Cat Or Dog? Fun Test For Pet Owners

Ever look at your pet and marvel at just how smart or daft they are?

If you are looking for a fun non-serious and certainly unscientific guide to how your pet rates in the IQ stakes then you may want to take a look HERE

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Dogs And The Little Known 45 Minute Rule.....

Here's a little something you may not know....

When you leave your dog alone, any time after the initial 45 minutes is seen as 'forever' by your four-legged friend. Research has shown that a dog will greet an owner returning from a 2-hour shopping trip as enthusiastically as an owner returning from a weekend away.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Do Cats Forgive And Forget?....Not According To This...

According to an article published in NYMAG, Scientists studying conciliatory behaviour amongst primates noted that animals such as chimps and gorillas often make up with friendly gestures such as embracing after a confrontation.Further studies showed that similar behaviour could be noted in animals such as goats and hyenas.

The only species that failed to show outward signs of reconciliation were our feline friends....the domestic cat!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Which Breed Of Dog Do YOU Look Like?...Find Out Here!

Do dogs look like their owners? Do some people resemble dogs? Well, I've just uncovered a quirky little tool that allows you to find out the answer....

After discovering that I look like an Old English Sheepdog, I thought that I might 'share the love' and allow my readership to check out which hound they might resemble. If you happen to own a dog of the breed that you allegedly resemble then you can be rest assured that the old saying that some dogs look like their owners might have a grain of truth in it!

Totally unscientific, totally fun, check it out HERE

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Cat Owner? See What Your Cat Thinks Of This.....

I found a great little tool a while back...a CAT PURR GENERATOR!

Those of us who own, or have had cats can vouch for the therapeutic value of a cat's purr but just recently I wanted to know what a cat would think of a device that mimics their contented purr.

In a totally unscientific study involving my two elderly cats, one of whom is stone deaf, I switched on the purr generator to gauge their response.

Toby the deaf cat just went about his business, any hopes that a stray megahertz would entice a reaction were soon dashed.

Tom on the other hand was actually pretty engaged.  He seemed to love it once he realised where the sound was coming from and from a distance of 10 metres he actually came and sat next to my laptop for quite some time listening to his artificial buddy.

Given that Tom would in no way win any awards for the world's most sociable feline and has been known to hiss at many a perceived threat....dare I say....I think he actually liked it!

If you want to check out this fun little tool (it's FREE and simple to use) then check it out here  

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Watch Your Dog The Next Time That You Yawn....

Ever yawn and hear somebody say "Don't, you will start me off?"

Well, according to research from an article in Scientific American, this empathic yawning ritual that we seem to share also extends to our dogs...

It appears that the sound of a human yawn can trigger a yawn from our canine friends, and it is four times more likely that a dog will mirror a human yawn if it is someone that the dog knows!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Your Cat's Name...A Quirky Snippet.....

Did you know that it is believed that cats will respond more readily to names that end in -ie or -y.?

This may well lend itself to naming your feline friend Molly instead of Jemima, or Charlie instead of Tom, but then you will have to add in a fact that all cat owners know....they do what they want anyway!