Sunday, 26 June 2016

DVD's For Cats? Yes It's True! Here's The Review.....

I recently happened upon an interesting product aimed at cat lovers....CAT DREAMS!

Cat Dreams is a 90 minute DVD made exclusively for our feline friends and do you know what? I really liked it!

When seeking out interesting and inexpensive canine and feline products to recommend to my readership I tend to try and 'pick holes' in my finds and my thought pattern tends to be "Would I buy this for someone else?" and Cat Dreams is a product that did well under my hard-nosed scrutiny.

My two test subjects, Toby and Tom loved the DVD and over a period of a week have shown consistent interest whenever the DVD is played. Even though Toby is deaf the visuals of this well made DVD captured his interest and retained it. Tom reacted particularly well to the mice and birds and Toby really liked the section where cats were filmed leaping around!

What I liked about this product:

  • Good value- the price is pitched well at cat owners and those looking to buy for the cat owner in their life.
  • Original- I liked the fact that this was a lesser-known product that I could see would be well received by both cat owners and their cats.
  • User-friendly- unlike many DVD's, Cat Dreams is Region Free (worldwide) and will play on any DVD player, PC, Laptop (with DVD drive) Xbox or Playstation.
  • Well made- the sound and 3D visuals are excellent and the segments of small animals such as chipmunks, mice etc are well captured and interesting to watch for both humans and cats.
  • Other- the DVD can be played on a loop allowing a cat owner to leave their furry friend entertained in their absence.
What I disliked:
  • I actually struggled to find anything to dislike about this product. The DVD was shot in the U.S and I was looking for any differences that may not have translated (I live in the UK) but I didn't find any, British moggies will love this as much as their American cousins!

Rating- 9/10

Who is it for? 
  • Cat owners looking for an inexpensive and original way to stimulate and entertain their cats.
  • Anyone looking to buy an original gift for the cat owner in their life.
Where can I buy it? My UK readers can purchase the DVD here I do receive a very tiny commission should you purchase the DVD through my link but this is not added to the price you pay.

My readers in the U.S and Canada can purchase the DVD here

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