Wednesday, 8 June 2016

These Nuts Are VERY Toxic To Dogs...Please Be Aware...

Many pet owners are occasionally tempted to share their food with their dogs and may not be aware of this fact.
Macadamia nuts may be a seemingly uncommon food but are often used as an ingredient in baked products. Commonly baked products such as cakes, cookies and muffins could contain macadamia nuts.

Macadamia nuts are VERY toxic to dogs! Ingesting as few as six of these nuts has caused paralysis in dogs, or around 3 grams per 2lb (just under a kilo) of a dog's body-weight.
Symptoms of Macadamia nut poisoning include anxiety, ataxia-inability for a dog to control it's body movements (especially rear legs), vomiting, fever and tremors.
The causative agent for the above symptoms is unknown and dogs are the only species in which signs have been reported.
Researchers are still puzzled as to why even a small quantity of macadamia nuts has such a toxic effect on dogs. The toxic effects on dogs have not shown to be mirrored in cats.

The good news is that a dog will generally recover if treated and be back to its normal self within a few days.

If you suspect that your dog has eaten any macadamia nuts then a veterinarian should be consulted immediately.

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