Sunday, 31 July 2016

Need Visitors To Your Pet Business Website? Try These Tips....

If you have a pet business and you're trying to gain visitors that may turn into potential customers and you're not on the first page of google or ranking high in the search engines then these tips should see your visitor stats increase.

Local Pet Business
  • Sign up for Google Places and learn all you can about ranking high locally - The internet is the first place people usually search for a local dog walker, pet sitter or groomer and not being highly ranked locally will cost you a lot of missed business.
  • Leave leaflets where pet people go - some local pet stores, post office parcel collection offices, vets etc. will sometimes allow you to leave leaflets for interested pet owners to pick up, this is way better than indiscriminate leafleting for targeting customers and getting visitors to your site.
  • List your prices and accreditations -  people like to have their objections/queries answered online while making decisions about whether to take an enquiry further. Being clear about what you do, why people should use you and how much you charge on your website goes a long way in meeting these objections and enables you to take calls/enquiries from serious potential customers.
  • Use social media - use Facebook and Twitter and post engaging, interesting and funny content that may get shared. A local pet story/information/vet advisory post are all good. Like and follow local businesses and like people's comments on local vet sites...they get a notification of this and may visit your site.
  • Like or follow large pet social media sites - sites such as Dog Owners UK, Cat Owners Uk , Katzenworld Blog, Festivals Of Dogs, Wooftidoos Blackpool and Time 4 Pets Bromley  all curate and share topical and engaging content - like or follow them and share their content or feel free to build your own list of content providers, be sure to include local vets.
  • As I wrote earlier, if you are not ranking high in the search engines then driving visitors to your site using alternative methods is the most sensible option. You can have the best pet product/service/app in the world but if no-one visits your site to buy....
  • Use social media - share pictures, stories and discounts related to your product or service.
  • Think outside the box! - aim to get reviews of your products/services and gain as big a social media following as possible and look to go as viral as possible with those reviews. This blog now attracts 4.5K views a month and is growing monthly after starting with a handful of visitors a month. It can be done and if you need some help take a look at the tabs on our home page - we can manage and grow your Twitter account or advertise your product/service virally through our affiliated pet network of over 50K pet owners and businesses.
  • Incentivise - give your customers an incentive to both deal with you and buy from you again. It is easier to gain sales from an established customer base than to gain new customers. If I sell a physical product I enclose a thank you letter, a discount code for an online pet first aid course that I am affiliated to, and ask that people like, follow or subscribe to my various social media pages or blogs. Subscribe to this blog and you will receive, straight to your inbox, various Ideas for add-ons for your business as well as my usual cat and dog tips.
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