Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Great Way To Create Extra Income For Your Pet Business...

We are often asked about ways to add value to a pet business.

If you are a dog walker, pet-sitter, groomer, veterinary assistant, have your own pet blog or sell pet-associated products then this is a great idea...

Pet Emergency Cards

A pet emergency card looks something like this...

With a reverse like this...

They are an ideal add-on sale for pet businesses because:
  • They are compact (size of a credit card)
  • They are inexpensive for a customer to buy
  • The profit margin is high.
  • Pet businesses are already exposed to an interested market of potential buyers.
  • There are many potential outlets for selling them - pet business premises/customers, websites/blogs, shops, cafes, veterinary practices, social media accounts/groups/pages etc.
Aside from selling them on this blog, we have sold pet emergency cards in all of the places that we have listed above.

We have allowed for both our UK and US/CANADA readers to take up this opportunity by putting together our own package for the UK and also supplying a link for our American/Canadian readers at the bottom of this post.

For our UK readers we can supply the cards wholesale (min qty 100) at a wholesale price of just 35p per card and that comes with  P&P of just £2.50 for any order regardless of quantity. To jump-start your venture we will also include for FREE!
  • The pet emergency card jpeg pictures we use above so that you can promote sales on your website/blog or put together a promotional leaflet/poster.
  • You can also feel free to use the script that we use - this LINK - to sell the cards on this site.
To purchase direct and get started on earning an additional income please use the buy buttons below.

Please note that we use your Paypal email address and Paypal home address as our contact details for you.

Wholesale Quantities

For our US and Canadian readers please visit HERE for wholesale enquiries

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