Thursday, 29 September 2016

Turn Almost Any Website Into A Cat Website For Free!

I am always looking to scout-out cool and random canine and feline themed websites and one of the criteria that I look for before I recommend it to you is that it should be mildly addictive!

This week I hit the jackpot with a feline themed offering that definitely ticks the box above.

Cat lovers with cats on the brain can now indulge themselves with a free new tool that I have discovered that goes by the name of meowbify. Users are presented with a fairly basic page where they are asked to enter any website url and meowbify will then proceed to 'catify' the site.

I wanted to test the tool out on a few 'usual suspects' and was soon mildly addicted to checking out a few more!

Facebook and Yahoo were my first ports of call and I noticed that the videos and gifs were quickly turned into a felinefest and my meowbify stalking habit was born. The website was soon turned into cat central and my curiosity for random amusement was satiated.

Blogs and sites with redirect urls can't be catified as the original website address must be entered and the graphically busier websites are more fun.

If you're a cat lover or simply looking seek out a bit of light diversion from real life then visit meowbify and live the dream today!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Can Dogs Be Left Or Right Pawed?

Us humans, unless we're ambidextrous, will have a dominant hand. Do the same rules apply when it comes to our canine friends?

I recently checked out two studies that threw up some interesting findings. Whilst both studies showed an inclination in dogs to be either left or right pawed, the studies actually contradicted each other!

One study showed that their canine group was slightly more likely to be left-pawed and the other showed a slight preference for the right paw.

Two conclusions that we can draw are that dogs can be left or right pawed and both studies showed a similar figure (24 to 30 per cent) of dogs displaying ambidextrous tendencies.

Interestingly it was suggested that if you want to check out whether your dog is left or right-pawed then you should check which paw they use first when stepping off stairs.

You may be interested to learn that a STUDY found that right-pawed dogs may be more optimistic!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Cat Owners- Intelligent Or Just Smart Thinkers?

I recently came across information regarding a study carried out in 2010 that stated homes with an academic degree holder were 1.36 times more likely to own a cat than other households.

The study also showed that cat owners were more likely to be older and female and that both cat and dog owners were more likely to live in a house with a garden.

Whilst on the surface this may appear to suggest that intelligent people are more drawn to cats, another factor below may well be a likely cause of high cat-ownership in the more academic amongst us.

Dr Jane Murray, a Cat Protection Lecturer who led the study suggested the following reasons for the findings.

"Cats require less time per day than a dog, so they are more popular with educated people who work late and have long commutes."

 The above quote suggests that cat owners are likely to be responsible owners engaging in smart thinking when it comes to choosing a pet to suit their lifestyle.

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Monday, 12 September 2016

Apparently Dogs Hate Hugs...Here's Why.....

According to a study conducted by Stanley Cohen, a canine behavioural expert at the University of British Columbia, hugging your hound could be stressing them out.

It seems that although us humans associate a hug with warmth and intimacy, our canine friends find it restricting and stressful.

The study consisted of an internet image data collection of 250 people hugging their dogs and analysis showed that in around 82 per cent of the images the body language of the dogs in the photos showed at least one sign of stress.

Behaviour experts believe that in preference to the restrictive embrace a pat on the head, belly rub or simply giving your dog a treat are sufficient to show your dog that you love them.

Will people stop hugging their dogs? I doubt it but it's certainly an interesting observation and food for thought.

If you would like to read more about this fascinating study please click here 

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Do Cats Value Our Interaction? Read This...

Cats seem to have gained a reputation for being aloof and at times, disinterested - but is this a fair reflection of our feline friends feelings towards us?

We feed and pet them but do our cats value our interaction?

An interesting piece of research may hold some clues as to a cat's thoughts towards us human `slaves'.

An experiment conducted at Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii to measure cortisol levels (cortisol is a hormone that increases during stress in both cats and humans) in cats produced an interesting result.

Two groups of well socialized cats were fed on a regular basis, with one group receiving minimal human interaction, whilst the other group was petted and spoken to at a normal level.

Measured cortisol level results showed that the group that received less human interaction had an increase in the hormone that indicated a higher stress level than the cats that had received petting and conversation whilst being fed.

Even though both sets of cats had been fed regularly the results showed that the lack of human interaction left our less fussed-over feline friends stressed out!

Having ascertained that we offer higher value than simply being the human tin opener tand our cats seem to enjoy us fussing over them...

Maybe cats aren't as 'cool' towards us as some may believe!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Dog's Urine Burning Your Lawn? Try This...

Those yellow spots on the lawn caused by your dog urinating are due to the extremely high concentration of Nitrogen in your dog's urine. Ironically, Nitrogen at a lower level is actually a great fertiliser and good for lawns and is often sold in the form of lawn feed products.

Okay, science explained, what can you do?

A dog that drinks a healthy amount of water is more likely to have a lower concentration of Nitrogen in their urine but increasing a dog's water consumption is not always easy.

A natural option I advise is to try adding a teaspoon (for smaller dogs) up to a tablespoon for bigger dogs of apple cider vinegar to their water bowl. This should nullify the Nitrogen imbalance and help solve the problem.

Apple cider vinegar varies in quality and the pasteurised supermarket version is not the one I would recommend buying. Try buying a higher quality one usually found in health stores or equine supply outlets.

In the absence of trying the above tip and finding your dog has urinated on a spot on the lawn you can dilute the area with water within several hours to neutralise the effect of the high Nitrogen concentration but in Summer months the apple cider vinegar tip may well be the easiest option.

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