Monday, 12 September 2016

Apparently Dogs Hate Hugs...Here's Why.....

According to a study conducted by Stanley Cohen, a canine behavioural expert at the University of British Columbia, hugging your hound could be stressing them out.

It seems that although us humans associate a hug with warmth and intimacy, our canine friends find it restricting and stressful.

The study consisted of an internet image data collection of 250 people hugging their dogs and analysis showed that in around 82 per cent of the images the body language of the dogs in the photos showed at least one sign of stress.

Behaviour experts believe that in preference to the restrictive embrace a pat on the head, belly rub or simply giving your dog a treat are sufficient to show your dog that you love them.

Will people stop hugging their dogs? I doubt it but it's certainly an interesting observation and food for thought.

If you would like to read more about this fascinating study please click here 

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  1. I've heard this but obviously Mr Cohen has never met a Newfoundland. 😊 They love hugs, my own Newfie will sit on your lap with his head on your shoulder and wait for you to wrap your arms around him!

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  3. Our Boxer looks for her hugs, she snuggles into your arms waiting for you to cuddle her, then if she can falls asleep on our laps. I've never had a dog that show's signs of dislike when being hugged & ive had a few!!!!

    1. We've had a few that have defied the content of the post too! We just write to inform of findings :)