Sunday, 25 September 2016

Can Dogs Be Left Or Right Pawed?

Us humans, unless we're ambidextrous, will have a dominant hand. Do the same rules apply when it comes to our canine friends?

I recently checked out two studies that threw up some interesting findings. Whilst both studies showed an inclination in dogs to be either left or right pawed, the studies actually contradicted each other!

One study showed that their canine group was slightly more likely to be left-pawed and the other showed a slight preference for the right paw.

Two conclusions that we can draw are that dogs can be left or right pawed and both studies showed a similar figure (24 to 30 per cent) of dogs displaying ambidextrous tendencies.

Interestingly it was suggested that if you want to check out whether your dog is left or right-pawed then you should check which paw they use first when stepping off stairs.

You may be interested to learn that a STUDY found that right-pawed dogs may be more optimistic!

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