Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Do Cats Value Our Interaction? Read This...

Cats seem to have gained a reputation for being aloof and at times, disinterested - but is this a fair reflection of our feline friends feelings towards us?

We feed and pet them but do our cats value our interaction?

An interesting piece of research may hold some clues as to a cat's thoughts towards us human `slaves'.

An experiment conducted at Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii to measure cortisol levels (cortisol is a hormone that increases during stress in both cats and humans) in cats produced an interesting result.

Two groups of well socialized cats were fed on a regular basis, with one group receiving minimal human interaction, whilst the other group was petted and spoken to at a normal level.

Measured cortisol level results showed that the group that received less human interaction had an increase in the hormone that indicated a higher stress level than the cats that had received petting and conversation whilst being fed.

Even though both sets of cats had been fed regularly the results showed that the lack of human interaction left our less fussed-over feline friends stressed out!

Having ascertained that we offer higher value than simply being the human tin opener tand our cats seem to enjoy us fussing over them...

Maybe cats aren't as 'cool' towards us as some may believe!

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