Friday, 2 September 2016

Dog's Urine Burning Your Lawn? Try This...

Those yellow spots on the lawn caused by your dog urinating are due to the extremely high concentration of Nitrogen in your dog's urine. Ironically, Nitrogen at a lower level is actually a great fertiliser and good for lawns and is often sold in the form of lawn feed products.

Okay, science explained, what can you do?

A dog that drinks a healthy amount of water is more likely to have a lower concentration of Nitrogen in their urine but increasing a dog's water consumption is not always easy.

A natural option I advise is to try adding a teaspoon (for smaller dogs) up to a tablespoon for bigger dogs of apple cider vinegar to their water bowl. This should nullify the Nitrogen imbalance and help solve the problem.

Apple cider vinegar varies in quality and the pasteurised supermarket version is not the one I would recommend buying. Try buying a higher quality one usually found in health stores or equine supply outlets.

In the absence of trying the above tip and finding your dog has urinated on a spot on the lawn you can dilute the area with water within several hours to neutralise the effect of the high Nitrogen concentration but in Summer months the apple cider vinegar tip may well be the easiest option.

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