Thursday, 29 September 2016

Turn Almost Any Website Into A Cat Website For Free!

I am always looking to scout-out cool and random canine and feline themed websites and one of the criteria that I look for before I recommend it to you is that it should be mildly addictive!

This week I hit the jackpot with a feline themed offering that definitely ticks the box above.

Cat lovers with cats on the brain can now indulge themselves with a free new tool that I have discovered that goes by the name of meowbify. Users are presented with a fairly basic page where they are asked to enter any website url and meowbify will then proceed to 'catify' the site.

I wanted to test the tool out on a few 'usual suspects' and was soon mildly addicted to checking out a few more!

Facebook and Yahoo were my first ports of call and I noticed that the videos and gifs were quickly turned into a felinefest and my meowbify stalking habit was born. The website was soon turned into cat central and my curiosity for random amusement was satiated.

Blogs and sites with redirect urls can't be catified as the original website address must be entered and the graphically busier websites are more fun.

If you're a cat lover or simply looking seek out a bit of light diversion from real life then visit meowbify and live the dream today!

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