Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Five Interesting Differences Between Cat And Dog People...

Ever see those articles in the news based around the habits, interests and general behaviours of 'cat or dog people'?

As a cat and dog lover and general 'pet geek' I like to dig out the more eclectic stuff and thought I would share some interesting differences between the canine and feline crowd.

Pet Owner Politics
A survey carried out by Time magazine showed that conservatives were more likely to be dog people whilst liberals were more likely to prefer cats.

Own a Cat AND a Dog?
A study has shown that people that own both a dog and cat tend to be more like the people that only own dogs. (source)

Cat Owners are Less Conformist
Studies have shown that cat owners are more likely to describe themselves as less conformist and less likely to follow the rules than dog owners. (source)

Don't Ask a Cat Owner To Mind Your Hound
A survey showed that cat owners are thirty-three per cent more likely to prefer taking care of a friend's children than a friend's dog! (source)

Got Kids? You're More Likely A Dog Owner Than A Cat Owner
A survey showed that dog people were twenty-four percent more likely to have children than their feline-loving counterparts. (source)

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