Friday, 27 January 2017

Cat Lover? Ever Notice This?

My cat and dog research often uncovers some interesting perceptions about cat and dog owners and I thought I might share a few observations with my feline-loving readers.

The Crazy Cat Lady Thing
Ever notice how many 'fun' tests there are to find out if you are a 'crazy cat lady'? I have noted quite often that if you generally answer the questions based on your love of cats then you will always score highly enough to be considered a crazy cat lady!

Cat Lovers Are More Interactive
I don't know whether my cat loving subscribers are just more into their pets but pro-rata they interact more on my social media channels. That's not to say we don't get a lot of interaction from our canine-loving friends but cat lovers are definitely social media superstars!

Men Love Cats Too!
Although our cat followers are predominantly female, you may be surprised at how many men are not afraid to celebrate their love of cats too. For those that haven't heard of him there is a well-known social media figure and TV host Jackson Galaxy who is known as The Cat Daddy.

Cat People Love Sharing Pictures!
What is hugely apparent is that cat lovers are snap-happy! We receive so many fantastic pictures of people's cats and it is evident that cat owners love showing off their pets. There is an excellent contest on Cat Owners UK where cat owners can upload a picture of their cat and the winner becomes the 'Cat Of The Week' and is rewarded by becoming the profile picture for the following week and a shout-out on their Twitter page ensuring them 7 days of social media fame.

Cat Health Quiz's
We hold our hands up here! We published a dog health quiz some months ago and have not done the same for our cat loving friends. We realise that many cat owners like to test their knowledge relating to their cat's well-being and we invite you to try out a nice little cat health quiz here

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