Sunday, 1 January 2017

Five Common Pet Food And Diet Myths....

A while ago we published a quiz about pet nutrition that surprised a few people, for those that missed it please click here

Many of us who took the quiz were perhaps taken aback at how little we actually know about our pet's dietary requirements. I thought I would take the opportunity to debunk a few commonly held misconceptions about pet food and pet diets.

Commercial Pet Food Is Vitamin Deficient 
Although the heating process during production and shelf storage of commercial pet food does destroy a few vitamins, many approved manufacturers allow for this and add extra vitamins to allow for this loss. (Source)

Commercial Pet Food Is Mineral Deficient
Pet food processing doesn't destroy minerals and the cooking process may actually make the minerals in the food more readily available and digestible. (Source)

Homemade Pet Diets Are Healthier And More Nutritional Than Commercial Pet Foods
This is only true if the diet prepared has the correct nutritional balance to meet the needs of the pet. It should be noted that poor preparation of home made diets may leave pets subject to the risk of airborne contaminants and food-borne microbes. (Source)

Dry Food Cleans Your Cat's Or Dog's Teeth
Cats and dogs have teeth that are shaped and designed to shred and chew meat and will either swallow dry food whole or shatter it before swallowing. Healthy chews and regular brushing will clean your pet's teeth. (Source)

Feeding Your Pet Onions, Garlic Or Brewer's Yeast Repels Fleas
Studies have shown that the feeding of brewer's yeast will not repel fleas on your pet. Feeding your pet onions or garlic has no effect on flea infestations and excess consumption can prove to be toxic to dogs and cats. (Source)


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