Thursday, 19 January 2017

Five Of The Stranger Cat Superstitions

I've been delving through the archives again and wanted to share with you some of the stranger superstitions that I have come across about our feline friends. 

  • The Japanese have a superstition that states that a cat washing it's face with it's paws denotes the imminent arrival of a visitor. Maybe our furry friend is getting 'beautified' in order that it receives it's rightful attention!
  • In Holland, our Dutch friends have a superstition that believes that cats eavesdrop and gossip so private conversations shouldn't be held in front of their cats are interested in what we think!
  • The Greeks have an even stranger superstitious belief that if a cat jumps across a person's grave then that person will rise again as a vampire. 
  • In Norway there is a feline-friendly superstition that states that if the weather is fine on the day of a wedding then the bride can be said to have 'fed the cat well'.
  • The Amish people, many of whom settled in America have an interesting cat-based tradition/superstition. It states that if a couple place a cat in a cradle and the cat settles this denotes that a baby will be conceived quickly. If the cat jumps out of the cradle then a delay in conception can be expected. 

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