Friday, 6 January 2017

Five Unusual Cat Studies And Observations

My cat and dog research often uncovers some of the lesser known facts, trivia and quirky information about our furry friends. Below is a selection of my favourite finds about studies conducted on our feline friends.

Cats Can Be Allergic To You
Research has shown that humans can trigger asthma attacks in cats. Around 1 in 200 cats suffer from feline Asthma and the condition has been proven to be triggered by factors such as human dandruff and the dust in our homes. A study shown here found that this is on the increase as more and more cats are being kept solely indoors.

Cats Prefer Their Routines 

A study found that even completely healthy cats can exhibit symptoms of illness if their routines are changed. The study showed that cats can get stressed and mimic chronic illness behaviour by a simple change in their external environment such as a different feeding schedule. More on this fascinating study can be found here

Why Do Some Cats Drink Water Off Their Paws?

This is something that it seems is just a personal preference to some cats. Some behavioural preferences in cats are known to be formed at an early age and this water drinking habit seems to be a case in point. Further information on the subject can be found here 

Ever Been 'Herded' By A Cat?

Cats are known to exhibit a behaviour whereby they dart through their owner's legs and rub up against them in an attempt to manipulate their owners into feeding them or paying them some sort of attention. Some cat behaviour experts argue against conforming to the cat's playful manipulations as they believe it leads to the cat using this 'herding' behaviour more and more when it requires our attention. An interesting piece providing more information as to 'why cats try to herd us while we are walking' can be found here 

Cats Are More Susceptible To Hereditary Disorders Than You May Think 

You may be surprised to learn that cats are susceptible to more than 250 hereditary disorders. Many of these disorders are similar to the disorders that we humans suffer from and even include a form of feline Alzheimer's disease 

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