Monday, 27 February 2017

Some Pretty Unusual Differences Between Cat And Dog People

I've been digging through my research material this week to bring you a few of the lesser known differences between cat and dog people according to studies made.

The Beatles
Believe it or not, a study showed that dog and cat people had a marked difference to which of The Beatles they preferred! Dog lovers showed a preference for Paul McCartney whilst feline fans were more in favour of George Harrison.

Research has shown that cat lovers are more likely to be Atheist than dog lovers!

Dog lovers were shown to be more extroverted and dominant than their feline loving counterparts. Studies have shown that cat lovers have also shown a greater preference to being alone and view themselves as less conformist than their canine-loving counterparts.

According to research, if you're a dog lover you're more likely to fall about laughing at slapstick comedy. Cat lovers on the other hand show a preference for puns and more ironic humour.

One poll involving 200,000 pet owners in the US showed that dog owners were fifty per cent more likely to be conservatives than their cat loving counterparts.

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