Saturday, 4 March 2017

What If This Was You And Your Dog?

I'm not a political person and simply try to use my 'social influence' to help cats and dogs and their owners to live a happy and healthy life together but I just wanted to let you know about something that you may be interested in 'influencing' yourselves.

When you've had a tough day and are relaxing at home enjoying the companionship of your loyal dog or dogs have you ever considered what your life might be like if your dog is all you had?

Many of us are aware that in the current economic climate that it has never been easier to 'slip through the net' by simply losing your job, your home and maybe your family and health. I just wanted to tell you about about some people that care about what happens to you and your four-legged friends should you ever find yourself in this sad scenario.

A project in London UK Dogs On The Streets is helping the homeless by organising vet care, grooming, food and foster care should the owners become hospitalised etc. It is entirely run by volunteers. Vets and pet professionals are also giving their time free of charge to help the often overlooked canine victims.

This narrative isn't just about the specific project above, there are many people worldwide working tirelessly free of charge to help people that have lost their homes, families and much more maintain a little dignity and self-respect by being able to look after their dogs properly and maybe keep the only friend that they have in the world.

Some points to ponder

  • It could be you
  • Help isn't always about money, sharing this post promotes awareness of the great people carrying out the unpaid work of caring about the well-being of the dogs...who are innocents.
  • Simply following the social accounts of the street dog volunteer groups and sharing their posts will be helping the unfortunate dogs and owners.
  • Message me personally through this account and I will add the name of any volunteer group that seeks support in helping street dogs to the bottom of this post and ensure they get publicity.
  • If you are a pet business and donate to any street dog charity worldwide, ask them to message me through this account and I will acknowledge your action and ensure free publicity of it to my 80+K worldwide subscribers and followers.
  • Large companies are coming on board and donating food and a growing number of pet professionals are helping by giving their time free of charge.
Please help if you can, if you take just a few seconds and follow accounts such as Dogs On The Streets (send me any that you would like me to promote) then you have done something really good today. Be that 'somebody' who could help and appreciate that there are less fortunate people who live less 'ideal' lives that love their dogs just as much as you do. Thank you for reading this.

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