Friday, 7 April 2017

Just For Fun - Strange Cat And Dog Laws

Some states in America have passed a few fairly unusual laws when it comes to our canine and feline friends and today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite ones.

As a disclaimer, I genuinely have no idea if the following are still, or indeed have ever been, enforced or why these laws ever got passed in the first place!

  • In International Falls in Minnesota you must not allow your cat to chase a dog up a telegraph pole.
  • Another place in Minnesota, Duluth prohibits cats from sleeping in a bakery.
  • The cats of Ventura County, California should not have sex without a permit!
  • In Reed City, Michigan a law was passed that a pet cat and a pet bird should not be kept at the same premises.
  • Cats may not 'yowl' after 9pm in Columbus, Georgia.
  • In Galesburg, Illinois it is unlawful to keep a smelly dog.
  • Not to be outdone....North Brook, Illinois has it's own hard to enforce law that states that a dog must not bark for more than 15 minutes!
  • French Poodle owners in Chicago may be choked to learn that their pets are banned from attending the opera.
  • If your dog starts crying in Wanessa, New Jersey you should think about comforting your pooch quickly as it is against the law for a dog to cry there!
  • Illinois again gives us another strange is illegal to give your your dog whiskey in Chicago

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