Saturday, 6 May 2017

Five Cat-Related Things That You May Not Know....

Curious about cats? Below is a short list of less well-known feline-related trivia....
  • Many cats love olives - this is because olives contain isoprenoids which are very similar to the active chemical in catnip that drives many cats wild. Although consuming olives doesn't tend to have a detrimental effect on our feline friends it should be noted that frequent consumption can cause stomach upset in some cats.
  • A small study has shown that female cats tend to be right-pawed and male cats tend to be left-pawed.
  • Think cats lack loyalty? In Montagnana, Italy, a cat by the name of Toldo visited his owner's grave every day for 12 months after he passed away!
  • Want to gauge your cat's mood? Check out the whiskers...if they're pulled back then it's likely that your cat is feeling irritated or annoyed and if they're pushed forward and relaxed your cat is likely to be feeling happy and content.
  • You may have known that the ancient Egyptians revered cats so highly that it was considered a capital offence to kill a cat, what is less known is that according to the historian Herodotus the Persians actually released cats onto a battlefield leading the Egyptians to surrender rather than risk killing a cat whilst in battle!
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