Saturday, 24 June 2017

Check Out Your Dog's Stress Levels With This Free Online Tool!

Dogs are not man's best friend for nothing. Domesticated and living closely with us, our loyal friends are subject to the daily effects of our lifestyle and we can sadly and sometimes unwittingly increase their stress levels without perhaps realising it.

Maintaining the healthy mental equilibrium of our four-legged friends is an important part of responsible dog ownership and increased stress levels in dogs can lead to our pets becoming ill. If we found our dogs choking on an object then I think many of us would agree that removing the object from the dog's environment would be a primary objective in helping to ensure our dog's safety in the future.

Ignored and untreated stress-related behaviours in our dogs may lead to side effects such as -

Increased aggression.
Digestive disorders.
Increased sleeping.
Decreased appetite.

Ideally we should be checking our dog's environment regularly for external factors that may leave them stressed. To this end I have included a link to a Canine Stress Calculator that may help you identify the level of stress that your dog may be exposed to...check it out here

The Dog Solution

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Some Interesting Factors That Help Pets Get Adopted

I recently read an interesting study that revolved around the facial expressions of dogs and cats and whether or not pet's actually changed their facial expressions to gain approval from humans in a Rescue Centre environment.

Looking further into how cats and dogs modify their behaviour to gain approval from humans, a few interesting behaviours were thrown up that indicate that our pets may be even smarter than we realised when it comes to manipulating us.

I thought my cat and dog loving readership may be interested in a few things that I found out.

Dogs in Rescue Centres that raise their brows around twenty times are about twice as likely to get adopted as dogs that only did this around five times. Evolutionary Psychologists concluded that this effect takes place as the brow-raising action made even more senior dogs appear more puppy-like and appealing to a prospective new owner. (source)

Cat owners may be interested to learn that the impact of a cat's facial expressions were also studied and it was concluded that no correlation could be made. What researchers have found though is that cats that frequently rubbed their bodies against toys and furniture in a Rescue Centre environment were adopted around 30% more quickly than those that didn't exhibit the behaviour. (source)

Canines are no strangers to adapting their behaviours to mix with us. One hypothesis is that wolves went through a period of self-domestication during the agricultural revolution as the tamer wolves were known to have scavenged from human settlements.

Cat owners may be familiar with the fact that  adult cats have evolved to generally only meow to communicate with us humans to gain attention/food etc. from us but studies have also shown that not only do they use this to communicate but also to mimic the sound of human babies as they have learned that we pay attention to this.

Another interesting thing about adoption centres - dogs that wag their tails a lot were not linked to being more quickly adopted, in fact maybe surprisingly dogs that wagged their tails were shown to spend longer periods in rescue before being re-homed.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Truth About Dog Owners - A Fascinating Survey

Never a day seems to go by when I'm not amazed at a story promoting the loyalty of dogs toward their owners and vice versa.

Surveys often indicate the changing relationship between us and 'mans best friend' and many of us love to 'check out' if it's just US that 'does that' or 'feels that way' about our canines.

People answering questions about their relationship with their dogs don't seem to mind admitting/confessing to some pretty revealing things that show just how much their pets mean to them.

A survey that I came across recently highlighted some interesting stuff such as:

  • 51% of dog people sing to their dog...if this is you then you're not alone!
  • 56% of people celebrate their dog's birthday. I'm sure that this figure would be even higher if a larger percentage knew when their canine buddy's birthday was.
  • 65% of dog owners take more photos of their dogs than of their friends or partners.
  • 47% of dog owners admitted that they actually found it harder to leave their dog for a week than their significant other!
  • 37% of owners have confessed to shedding a tear when they have had to leave their dog at home.
You can find a link to the survey here enjoy!

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