Saturday, 22 July 2017

An Interesting Way To Assess Your Dog's Personality

Many dog owners that I meet often enthuse as to why they like or chose a particular breed and the words temperament and personality are very commonly used terms when describing their choices.

Whilst it is certainly true that dogs do have breed-related qualities that can contribute to their personalities, I just wanted to highlight a factor that often strongly influences a dog's personality - the owner!

As with people, the full potential of a dog's character and personality can only truly be judged when the dog is provided with the right environment and conditions that actually match their real personality.

Fearful, stressed and aggressive dogs are nearly always created and often mask the true personality of the dog involved.

A good owner will choose an appropriate dog for their lifestyle and educate themselves about their particular dog as well as the dog's breed.

The first part of the word personality is personal which literally means pertaining to that particular person, or in the context of this post, particular dog.

An interesting tool was developed by the Department of Psychology at The University of Texas. It gives owners, who give honest answer, an objective view of their dog's personality traits. You can try it out here

The Dog Solution

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