Friday, 4 August 2017

A Few Hidden Gems About Cats That You Might Enjoy

I've been trawling the net lately looking for a selection of interesting cat related gems. Below are a few feline related things that may be of interest to cat owners.

Cats working for the UK government

Believe it or not, the British government feeds around one hundred thousand cats that help to keep down the mice population at it's various properties!

Cats actually do 'claim' us

An interesting study in America showed that only 25% of cat owners actually went out with the intention of acquiring a cat. In the remaining 75% of the cat owning population the cats were spontaneously acquired.

Cats falling from buildings

Studies have shown that cats have a higher chance of survival falling from a higher storey of a building than a lower one. Cats were determined to have a non-fatal terminal velocity of around 60 miles per hour. There are documented cases of cats surviving falls from as high as 30 storeys. The cats ability to orient themselves mid-air was considered the main factor in high survival rates when falling from buildings.

Cats are master predators

It is estimated that cats in the United States kill around 5 billion rodents and 1 billion birds every year!

Cats have whiskers on their legs

Cat owners may be forgiven for not noticing this but cats have whiskers on the rear inside of their front legs around the dew claw area. The reason for this is up for debate but it's thought that the sensory nature of these added whiskers may be an added bonus for the cat to determine the nature of caught prey as their short distance vision is not so sharp.

The whiskers referred to above are known as carpal whiskers or to give them their fancier term carpal vibrissae.

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