Sunday, 14 January 2018

Test Your Cat/Dog 'Human' Food Safety Knowledge Out Here!

Ever noticed how the internet seems to be awash with articles about which 'human foods' are safe to share with our pets?

Advances in the study of pet nutrition has shown us that some of the things people have traditionally shared with their canine or feline friends may not be so good for them.

In 2016 I published a different quiz on canine nutrition and was surprised to 'only' score 7 out of 10 myself, and this from someone who spends a lot of time researching it! The average score was only 4 out of 10 which highlighted the fact that we can all increase our knowledge and be potentially better 'pet parents'. That 2016 canine quiz can be found here

Onto the point of this post....I wanted to share a test I found that may highlight gaps in knowledge for the average cat or dog owner when it comes to sharing their 'human food'. It's pitched at a reasonable level and gives some handy information after each answer is submitted.

Please feel free to share this post after completing the quiz as the aim of my site is to help people become more informed pet owners and if you could help me do this I would be very greatful.

Try the 'sharing your treats with your cat or dog' quiz out here

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