Friday, 6 July 2018

A Chastity Belt For Dogs In Season - Our Review

I don't review many products as my criteria of them being innovative/unusual/informative is a stringent one but when I came across an anti-breeding belt for dogs in season I felt that a review could be of benefit to my readers.

Disclosure - I will disclose that I was paid a small fee for my time in writing this review but as stated above...if I felt it was a poor product to begin with, or upon further research, you wouldn't be reading about it right now.

So what's it all about?
The ingenious team at PABS (pet anti-breeding system) in Shreveport Louisiana USA have developed the world's first safe, non-surgical and non-invasive breeding-control harness - essentially a chastity belt for female dogs in heat!

There is very credible research that supports the delayed spaying of dogs such as this article from the respected AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) here as well as the myriad of highly reputable sources on the Delay Her Spay website here which also adds the pensive disclaimer that they are NOT against spaying your dog they simply want to help owners make an informed decision on the potential hazards of spaying their female dog too early.

The product benefits and design were of particular interest to me.

Aside from the potential health benefits for young female dogs in season outlined above what I really like about the PABS breeding-control harness is the thoughtful way that the product has been designed.

Questions many people may have about the product:

Will the PABS chastity belt hurt or be uncomfortable for a female dog in heat?
Not at all, the anti-breeding harness straps on like any other harness. The eight-point buckle system is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. Once properly fitted, your dog is able to run around and play as normal.

Is my dog able to relieve herself whilst wearing the harness?
Yes! The heart-shaped mesh rear of the harness is cleverly designed not only for the dog's tail to comfortably pass through but also to allow her to defecate over the top. The mesh design also allows urine to pass through.

Is the harness reusable?
Yes! The sturdy webbing and polypropylene mesh ensures that the harness is reusable for a couple of heat cycles. The company do advise that owners store the harness away from their female dogs between cycles as the scent of a previously worn harness could attract her as well as attracting the attention of male dogs.

Are there any accompanying products?
The company sell washable and reusable Sani-T dog diapers. These dog diapers cover your dog's vulva when inserted in the pocket of the PABS Delay Her Spay harness to protect your surfaces during the early stages of your dog's heat cycle (her period).

Should an owner wait until their female dog is in heat or order the harness/diapers beforehand?
PABS advises owners to order prior to the onset of their dog's heat cycle.This is sensible advice as it also allows your dog to become accustomed to wearing the harness.

Can the harness and diapers be used to address incontinence issues in older dogs?
Yes! Used in conjunction, PABS Sani-T pads (diapers) and harness offer an advantage over conventional products on the market that deal with canine incontinence in that their products are designed to stay on where other products are more easily removed.

I like the idea of this product. It solves a problem that I have previously talked about with dog owners and breeders.

I do my own research when asked to review a product and found some very credible sources supporting the product and its aims.

Renita Marshall, DVM, MS an animal reproductive scientist at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA conducted tests using multiple breeds in various settings and found the PABS system to be 98 percent effective in preventing unwanted breeding. The remaining 2 percent could be attributed to incorrect fitting.

There are also some excellent testimonials here from genuine users of the system.

This reviewer in America gives a good insight into the product by 'road testing' it on her French Bulldog who was due to come into heat and her positive findings can be found here

I found the developer of the product and President of the company Dexter Blanch to be a man who is knowledgeable and passionate about his product.

The company website is thoughtfully laid out with informative videos and a lot of well presented information about the business, their aims and the products themselves. I particularly like the fact that the company encourages contacting them prior to placing an order to ensure you get the right sizing and information for YOUR dog - a professional and personal touch facilitated by a live chat function on their website.

The company are presently looking for UK and worldwide distributors for the PABS system after making good sales and being well received in the United States. If you are interested in becoming a distributor you can find out more by contacting them directly here

As I stated at the beginning of my review, I don't review many products as I believe that it's important to only recommend products and services that I believe to be of genuine interest and benefit to my subscribers.

So...would I recommend the PABS system?
Yes I would! Aside from seeing the potential benefits of the product for dog owners and breeders, I genuinely like the company and it's aims. They're not pushy or vague to deal with. Highlighting the potential benefits of their products with pensive informative research I feel that the business strikes the right note with potentially interested dog owners.

The President of the business Mr Blanch discussed with me his plans to develop a network of distributors worldwide to bring the products to a wider market and I am happy to support this by recommending PABS products to my readership.

Where can I buy a PABS system for my dog?
Orders can be placed at The company ships internationally and the checkout process is excellent as it converts to the country of order placement showing expected delivery time (which is very quick for an internationally shipped product) and reasonable postage and packing costs. Cost wise, I found the product to be very fairly priced and believe it will be a hit with customers.


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