Monday, 2 July 2018

Interesting Cat Related Trivia From Our Archives

One thing I have learned about cat owners is that they never get bored of finding out new things about our feline friends.

I've recently been 'trawling' the archives to find some cat related snippets that I hope our cat loving readership will enjoy....

Cat Warm Temperature Tolerance
You have probably noticed that most cats tend to head for the shade on a summer's day to take a nap. What you may not know is that according to the the physiology section here cats can tolerate temperatures up to 56 degrees centigrade (or 133 degrees Farenheit) with an ample water supply!

Cat Ear Tufts
Ever noticed those little tufts of hair inside your cat's ears? It may interest you to know that their function is to keep out dirt, direct sound into the ears and for insulation. They have a quirky little name as they are known as 'ear furnishings'.

Sir Isaac Newton Invented The Cat Flap, Well Almost!
The famous English scientist is widely recognised as one of the most influential people of all time. Famed for his formulation of the laws of motion and hailed as the man who deciphered gravity, Newton is also, in some circles, credited with being the inventor of the humble cat flap.
Frustrated at his cat Spithead continually wrecking his experiments by wanting to go in and out the room, Newton came up with the idea of making two holes in the wall acting as access and egress to keep both himself and his feline companion and her kitten happy.
Whilst the tale above has been open to interpretation, what is indisputable is that the door to cat lover Newton's chambers was found to have holes of dimensions suitable for this purpose.

Cats Have Whiskers On Their Front Legs!
Cat owners may be surprised to learn that cats really do have whiskers on their front legs. Known as carpal whiskers their function is to allow the cat sensory feedback on caught prey that they are holding. The nerve endings in these carpal whiskers give the cat information on how much  a caught prey may be struggling and the best course of action as a cat's short vision is not very good. More can be found out about these whiskers here 

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