Thursday, 2 August 2018

Use This Handy Calculator To Check Your Cat's Stress Levels.

Most cat owners will know that our feline friends tend to like routine and it is well documented that even small changes can affect a cat's mental well-being.

Because there are so many factors that may lead to an increase in a cat's stress levels it is often hard to pinpoint exactly what may be causing the upset. A cat's age, health, environment and general personality can all affect how a cat is coping with external factors at any given time.

Our lifestyle is a huge external factor to a cat and being as busy as our modern lifestyle can dictate it is often easy to overlook our affect on our feline charges.

I was therefore very pleased recently to come across a handy 'feline stress calculator' that owners can use to give their cat a quick mental health check and identify if their furry friend may be a little stressed out.

Covering pretty much all of the external factors that may cause a little stress in our cats, it may well be worth giving your cat a quick 'stress test' and find out how they may be feeling.

Check it out HERE and if you would like to help another owner then please share this post!


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