Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Vetlink – A Brilliant Online Veterinary Service For Cat And Dog Owners!


We recently took time out to review an established and fast-growing business that offers huge benefits to cat and dog owners.

Vetlink Online

Vetlink Online is a support system for pet owners and veterinary personnel such as surgeons and nurses. Vetlink Online offers the following benefits to pet owners.

·         An impressive active network of professionals who can be accessed by the general public via video link to perform first opinion consultation without the requirement for pet owners to attend a practice.

·         RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) Registered.

·         The experienced veterinary professionals are able to perform diagnosis via video call and advise on the next course of action.

·         Available 24/7

·         No waiting for an appointment – get your pet/animal seen as quickly as possible.

·         The service is designed to enable vets to refer patients to local practices quickly if necessary or conduct follow up appointments and prescribe medication.

·         Thorough consultation letters are sent to you and your usual practice after each appointment.

·         No software to download, simply follow a link for a no-fuss consultation.

·         No travelling and no waiting time means reduced stress for pets and time saved for owners.

·         As well as cats and dogs the service is available to owners of all domestic pets including the more exotic.

·         Agricultural livestock and equine consultations are also available.

·         Save money - owners can instantly connect with a vet or book a digital appointment from as little as £28!

·         Transparent online payment system

We recently chatted to CEO and Founder of Vetlink, Oliver Reeves and were very impressed with the transparency and professionalism of the business.

Rapidly bringing in even more benefits for animal owners and veterinary professionals alike, we believe that Vetlink is a business that will continue to thrive and that our cat and dog owner and pet professionals network would benefit from both using and being aware of the 24/7 service it offers.

Why not visit http://www.vetlink.co.uk/ today or call them on 01392 908145 for a consult

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