Friday, 18 December 2020

You Can Get Paid To Watch Cat Or Dog Videos And More!

None of the methods we describe will cost you anything and will hopefully add some long-term income whilst you enjoy content online or use your ‘down time’ more profitably. ODYSEE Invitation Link (will get you extra reward)$/invite/@CatAndDogTips:1 Tips – Follow channels for extra credits. Watch videos daily to build up income. Check out the REWARDS section for tips and current guidance. BRAVE Download here: Tips – Go to settings and change ad settings from 2 to 5 per hour. Set up the Uphold wallet as soon as possible as monthly payments are then automatically sent there every month. Don’t forget to download to all of your devices to earn more. COINTIPLY Invitation Link: Tips – Aim to get 35000 coins as interest is paid on balances of 35K and above (I’s not difficult to do this). We use the mobile app for the brilliant ‘Daily Coins Feature’ which has 3 ways that are refreshed a few times daily that you can earn a fair few coins. The surveys are easy and plentiful and can bring in a lot of coins, we find them easier to do on a desktop device but that’s just a preference. Be sure to use the app on a regular basis as they give out loyalty bonuses for this and they soon add up and you can work up the levels and be rewarded more! COINPAYU Invitation Link: Tips - Nice easy to use site that has easy to surf ads that are often refreshed – great to use while waiting for Cointiply to add more tasks. The surveys are good too! The above methods won’t make anybody rich but I’s not a bad idea to have easy to achieve, risk-free income in a variety of denominations that could be looked upon as a long-term project in using spare time productively. Some of these denominations could also potentially rocket in value in the future too! Creative Commons Attribution Link:

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