Friday, 2 April 2021

Study Shows Interesting Global Cat And Dog Preferences

 A recent study was carried out to check cat and dog hashtagged posts on Instagram.The study aimed to show cat or dog preference by location worldwide. 

Hashtages such as #Ilovedogs #Ilovecats #doglovers #catlovers were checked by location data to produce some interesting results!

Over ten thousand cities were analysed for cat and dog related hashtags

Findings included quirky stats such as:

1. Australia, The UK and The United States are all dog-people countries.

2. Cats are more popular globally, the study showed that cats were more popular in 91 countries and dogs in 76 countries.

3. 3 countries showed around a 50/50 split of cat and dog owner postings

4. Cats proved more popular in Canada, China and Russia and much of Europe and Asia

5. Dogs proved more popular on the African and American continents.

6. The city with the highest number of both cat and dog tagged posts?

New York City and 59.6%  were tagged by cat lovers

Wondering if you live in a more pro cat or dog city?

We have included a link HERE that contains an interactive checker!

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