Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Study Reveals The Top 10 Words/Phrases That Dogs Like To Hear


A UK study revealed the top 10 words that dogs love to hear from their owners. 4389 dog owners were first asked which words their dogs reacted to the most.

60 dogs of varying age, breed and size were then monitored on a range of favorite words/phrases from the survey.

The following 10 words/phrases were chosen as the ones that increased a dog's heart rate the most from a resting heart rate of 115 beats per minute (BPM)

10. Find It - This phrased increased the dog's heart rate to an average of 124 BPM

9. Their Name - The sound of their name had the dog's heart rate up to an average 128 BPM

8. What's That?- This boosted the dog's heart rate to an average 135 BPM

7. Good Boy/Girl - This compliment upped the dog's heart rates to an average 139 BPM

6. Toy/Get Your Toy - A playful phrase that increased heart rate in the dogs to an average 144 BPM

5. Fetch - This popular instruction raised the dog's average BPM to 147

4. Get It - Instructional excitement again raising the dogs's average BPM to 150

3. Treat - This popular word raised the pooches average BPM to 151

2. Dinner/Food/Eat - Food proved popular with these words raising the average dog BPM to 152

1. Walkies - No surprise to many owners!

'Walkies' sent the average dog's heart rate to 156 BPM!

Personally, we were surprised to find a phrase missing from the study

The phrase that studies have previously found to have a positive effect on dogs..and owners.

The simple 'I love you"

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