Wednesday, 4 August 2021

5 Myths About Dogs That Just Aren't True

We debunk 5 common myths about our canine friends that just aren't true.

1. Dogs Only Eat Grass When They Are Sick

Not true at all. Dog eat grass for a number of reasons...

..boredom, to improve digestion or simply because they like the taste!

2. Dogs Can Feel Guilty

There is actually no evidence to support this just videos of dogs 'looking guilty'

Guilt and interestingly smiling are believed to be learned human responses in dogs

3. Well Trained Or Socialized Dogs Never Bite

Totally untrue, any dog could bite an owner or stranger for a variety of reasons

It's not just perceived 'mean' or aggressive dogs that can lash out with a bite.

4. Female Dogs Should Have A Litter Before Neutering Or They Get Broody

This well-perpetuated myth is simply not true. Dogs don't get 'broody'

Neutering your female dog before their first season reduces health risks such as breast cancer and womb infections.

5. A Dry Warm Nose Means That Your Dog Is Sick

A dog's nose temperature can change quickly due to it environment.

Although dogs with symptoms of diarroea, lethargy and vomiting commonly present with warm dry noses..

..these symptoms are a more reliable indicator of sickness than simply a dry warm nose.

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