Thursday, 2 September 2021

5 Quirky Cat Fur Facts That You May Not Know

Here are 5 quirky facts about cat fur that you may not have known!

1. Hair Shedding

Outdoor and indoor cats generally shed hair differently. 

Outdoor cats shed more in the spring and in the fall and indoor cats generally shed all year round. 

This is due to the outdoor cats being exposed to natural sunlight and this affects their shedding pattern.

2. Fur Color Can Affect Cat Adoption

Researchers at University of California, Berkeley found that fur color can influence cat adoption.

Orange colored felines were perceived as friendly and lovable and more likely to be chosen.

It may interest you to know that nearly all orange colored cats are male.

3. Seasonal Fur Growth

A cat's fur grows more in the summer than winter. 

This is due to the 'resting growth cycle' of a cat's primary and secondary coat.

4. Cats Have Muscles Attached To Their Hair Follicles

Ever seen a cat's hair stand on end?

This is due to Arrector Pili muscles attached to their hair follicles.

Stress can activate these muscles in cats and lead to their hair standing on end... well as spontaneous shedding.

5. Long-Haired Cat Fact

A long-haired cat's fur can potentially make up to 24% of it's body weight.