Tuesday, 5 October 2021

5 Dog Breeds More Likely To Fear Fireworks And Thunderstorms

A study was conducted in Finland to measure anxiety and fearfulness in dog breeds.

13,700 dog owners answered questions about their dog's noise sensitivity

and the dog's reaction to other stressful situations.

The findings were interesting!

#1 Male and female dogs were found to be equally fearful of  thunder.

#2 Neutered dogs were more fearful of fireworks than intact dogs.

#3 Owner's first dogs were more fearful than if the dog was not the owner's first dog

#4 Dogs with less socialization experience were more likely to be afraid of thunder.

#5 Dogs living with other dogs showed less fear of thunder

#6 Large dogs were less likely to fear thunder than small dogs

#7 The fear of novel situations for dogs decreased after 5 years of age.

#8 Dogs living with couples feared novel situations than those living in a large family.

5 Breeds More Likely To Be Fearful Of Loud Noises... 

#1 Cairn Terrier

#2 Mixed Breed Dogs

#3 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

#4 Jack Russell Terrier

#5 Rough Collie

Link To The Dog Breed Fear Study Mentioned: http://bit.ly/BreedFearSurvey

Brain Train Your Dog – Interesting Information https://bit.ly/BrainTrainingInfo

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